Behavioural Ecology Research Group

University of Queensland

Academic Staff

Anne Goldizen (Associate Professor)

Vertebrate social systems, conservation biology

Michael Noad (Senior Lecturer)

Acoustic and behavioural ecology of humpback whales (see CERN for details)

Diana Fisher (ARF Fellow)

Behavioural ecology of marsupials, conservation of declining Australian mammals, causes of extinction

Jennifer Seddon (Senior Lecturer)

Conservation genetics and phylogeography of animal population, MHS variability and evolution, genetic causes of inherent deseases

Rebecca Dunlop (Lecturer)

Humpback whale behaviour and acoustic beaviour and the effects of noise, humpback whale population estimates, acoustic surveys of other cetaceans, hormones in humpback whale blow and blubber (see CERN for details)

PhD Students

Rebecca Dannock

Behavioural trade-offs and the influence of spatial dynamics in the in blue wildebeest

Kylie Owen

Feeding behaviour and ecology of humpback whales in southern New South Wales

Melinda Rekdahl

Social communication in humpback whales

Kerryn Carter

Social bonds of female giraffes

Emily Best

Social netorks of female eastern gray kangaroos

Kristen (Bluey) Donaldson

Conservation of the endangered bridled nailtail wallaby

Wendy King

Kinship and sociability in eastern grey kangaroos

Ailbhe Kavanagh

Humpback whale migratory behaviour

Daniela Parra

Sex allocation and evolution of matrilineal family structure in the subtropical antechinus

Luis Verde Arregoitia

Spatial and phylogenetic components of extinction risk in Mexican and Australian mammals

Joanne Towsey

Urban ecology of flying foxes

François Favreau

Variation in vigilance in eastern grey kangaroos and common impalas

Alicia Carter

Personality and social behaviour is chacma baboons (Australian National University)

Masters Students

Brett Coghlan

Phylogeography of Eastern Grey Kangaroos

Honours Students

Anita Cosgrove

Personality and maternal behaviour of eastern grey kangaroos


Peter Jarman

Macropod Ecology

Olivier Pays

Mammalian vigilance

Cécile Vanpé

Wombat behaviour and genetics

Lexa Grutter

Coral reef ecology and evolution, fish and their parasites, cleaning symbioses

Karen Cheney

Fish behaviour and ecology, mimicry in coral reef fish, animal signalling, cleaning symbioses

Tamsin Barnes

Epidemiology or wildlife disease, prevention of hydatid disease in macropods

Past Members

Kelly O'Loughlin

Costs of harem membership for female black flying foxes

Simone Ludlow

Interference costs of foraging in eastern grey kangaroos

Peggy Macqueen

Phylogeography and phylogenetics of pademelons

Ellen Garland

Cultural transmission of humpback whale song through the western Pacific Ocean

Sara Tromp

Phylogenetics of species on NW Namibia's inselbergs

Amy Edwards

Factors affecting vigilance of female eastern grey kangaroos

Susan Nuske

Non-invasive population monitoring of the bridled nailtail wallaby

Rebecca Dannock

Individual variation in vigilance of female eastern grey kangaroos

Shelly Lachish

Managing Tasmanian devil populations affected by the Devil Facial Tumour Disease

Kristen Lee

Genetics and disease of koalas

Zhi Zhao (Zac) Lim

Individual variation in sociability in female eastern grey kangaroos

Justine Murray

Habitat Modelling for the brush-tailed rock-wallaby

Dave Putland

Cultural evolution, bioacoustics, cooperative breeding and rainforest ecology

Josh Smith

Acoustic and Behavioural ecology of humpback whales

Mayuko Tosa

Female choice and male quality in subtropical antechinus

Justine Becker

Ecological significance of intereactions between cleaner shrimp and fishes on coral reef

Ben Bravery

Patterns of painting behaviour of satin bowerbirds

Alecia Carter

Patterns of association among female eastern grey kangaroos

Sean Fitzgibbon

Ecology of the northern brown bandicoot in suburban Brisbane

Stephanie Hazlitt

Behavioural ecology and population of brush-tailed rock-wallabies

James Nicholls

Evolution of variation in calls in satin bowerbirds